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Precast concrete kerbs are the unsung heroes of our roads and streets, ensuring the safety of road users and pedestrians, and contributing to the paved environment over many years. It is worth reminding ourselves of their characteristics and capabilities, and how precast concrete can be specified with confidence as a tried and tested solution – unlike some other un-established kerb materials. Precast concrete kerbs are produced in a wide range of sizes and radii with coloured, textured and profiled surfaces. Secondary processes can provide different surface finishes, some of which provide a close match to traditional stone.

The full range of British Standard profiles and components is available from some Interpave members but the choice of alternatives to suit particular applications continues to grow, including small element kerbing and integral drainage units. Special kerbs – for example to contain vehicle wheels or improve accessibility onto buses – have also been developed.

More Information -

  • The Design and Construction Information download (below) offers detailed guidance on the properties, design, handling, construction, reinstatement and maintenance of precast concrete kerbs.
  • The Handling Kerbs and Flags download (above) provides guidance on safe handling of kerbs and flags, and illustrates examples of available equipment. The guidelines comply with HSE Construction Information Sheet No 57, Handling Kerbs: Reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).
  • The Cutting Paving download (below) provides guidelines to help eliminate health hazards when installing precast concrete paving blocks, flags and kerbs, either by removing the need to cut concrete products or by recommending safer cutting practices and equipment.
  • In addition, a case study download provides just one example of an Interpave member working to reduce risks on site by using efficient design.
  • An HSE video Clear the Air demonstrates safe cutting practices.